In the years of being in the business of importing and supplying electronic and electrical products, our product range varies from Soldering and De-soldering equipment, Cleanroom items, ESD products, Cotton Applicators, Static Control equipment, UV cables Fume Extraction Units, Magnifying equipment, Surge Arrestors, Cable Ties and Tie Mounts and Heat Shrinkable Tubes.

Electronics | Sim Lanka Pvt Ltd
Electronics | Sim Lanka Pvt Ltd

Soldering and De-soldering Equipment

This range of products used in the manufacturing process of Loadcells, PCB assembling and reworking, SMD reworking, electronic and automobile harnessing are all ESD safe. The product range includes flexible solutions for soldering and de-soldering applications introducing Soldering, Micro-tools, De-soldering, Hot Air, Rework, Fume Extraction, Electronic Screwdrivers, Dispensing Systems and Accessories, etc. The superiority of our products are:

ESD Products

Static control is critical during electronic manufacturing and these products are primarily used to prevent electronic circuit boards and other electronic products from electrostatic charge. Whether the requirement is ESD Bags, ESD Finger cots, ESD Gloves, ESD Mats, ESD Tapes/Labels, ESD Bubble Bags, ESD Jackets or ESD Slippers, Sim Lanka can provide it.

ESD Products| Sim Lanka Pvt Ltd

MURR Elektronik

Sim Lanka in partnership with MURR Elektronik of Germany is your systems partner featuring electronic products in the control cabinet ranging from interfaces, input, output systems and connectors – “everything in between the PLC & sensor”

MURR Elektronik | Sim Lanka Pvt Ltd

Cable ties/ Mounts

The extensive range of customised cable ties and cable tie mounts we offer can be used in electronic, electrical and telecom industries to suit their many specialised needs.

Cable ties/ Mounts | Sim Lanka Pvt Ltd

Surge Arrestors

The latest technology of bridge, diode and transient voltage suppressors surge protective device are products we offer. We can also provide a production series of SMD and disc varistor, chip and dip thermistor.

Surge Arrestors | Sim Lanka Pvt Ltd

Heat Shrinkable Tubes

Sim Lanka is the proud representative of CYG, a leading manufacturer of heat shrink products and power cable accessories which is an ISO 9001 certified company with UL approval. In addition to the series of Heat Shrinkable Tubes for the Electronic industry, power cable accessories such as bas bars, terminal joints, anti-tracking tubes, flame resistive tubes, semi-conductive insulation tubes, etc., can also be supplied on request.

Heat Shrinkable Tubes | Sim Lanka Pvt Ltd

Cotton Applicators

Manufacturer of high quality products, HUBY is as an internationally approved Japanese brand that is represented locally by Sim Lanka. The HUBY product range includes Cotton Swabs, Cleanroom Wipers, etc.

Cotton Applicators | Sim Lanka Pvt Ltd